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April 19, 2023

LeadIQ Release Notes: Q1 2023

We've been busy improving our prospecting platform. Let's take a look at the new functionality and enhancements for your sellers.
Mitch Comstock
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Building off an exciting 2022 which saw the launch of our prospecting platform, here’s what we’ve been working on to make those capabilities even better.

April showers bring a recap of the new and improved LeadIQ!

Before we get into what’s new, we’d like to thank our customers for their continued support. It’s because of their honest and forthcoming feedback that we are able to prioritize new features and improvements to help them build pipeline. It’s because of this customer focus that we’ve received high accolades in G2’s spring reports, including our recent badges ranking us #1 for Estimated ROI and Best Results. 

So what were we working on in Q1? Let’s take a look at the new functionality and enhancements we made to each capability within our prospecting platform. 

🔎 Identify

One of our biggest achievements last quarter was the substantial increase in mobile data coverage. Huge shoutout to our data operations and product team who made this happen.

“Unlock All” button for mobile numbers and email

LeadIQ users often have several sequences they are utilizing at a time, but without knowing what data is available it can sometimes be hard to determine where to put contacts. 

Now, instead of having to go one by one, users can bulk unlock all mobile phones and emails from their list view in a single click. This allows them to capture contacts in the right sequence upfront. For example, you can now send prospects with mobiles to a call-heavy sequence, while sending everyone else into an email-only one.

See it in action: 

Bulk email updates

Instead of having to edit email addresses one by one for prospects at the same company, users can now bulk-edit emails for an entire company. LeadIQ will even check, in real-time, that the domain change/format you are editing is verified.

See it in action:

Automatic Submission for EU & UK mobile phone requests

Users can now choose to auto-submit requests for mobile phone numbers for prospects in the EU & UK when they are unavailable.

New fields available for Salesforce status mapping

Admins can now map checkbox, number, and data Salesforce fields and surface them within the LeadIQ extension.

Watch Salesforce status mapping get setup:

Sync status UI redesign

To make it clear why a contact wasn’t synced to either CRM or sequence, we’ve changed the design and copy for our sync status feature. 

We also changed our error messages for Outreach, giving you more information on why a record was not synced.

See how it works:

Enhanced quick filters in lists

We improved our filter option within lists (formerly called “campaigns”) on the web to quickly find records. This allows users to quickly search for specific contacts after capture. A good example of this in action is searching for contacts that didn’t have a verified email, so they can be added to a call-heavy sequence.

Animated GIF of using LeadIQ filters to search for specific B2B contacts after capturing and syncing to your sales tools
Use list quick filters to search for specific contacts after capture

🤖 Scribe

Two new insights to choose from: Financial or LinkedIn Summary

One of the biggest benefits with Scribe is time-savings through automated research. And now, Scribe can not only pull those valuable insights for your prospect and their company, but even write up a short summary to personalize your cold outreach. 

For our new Financial (10-Ks and earnings calls) and LinkedIn summary (bio and work summary) insights, Scribe will help connect the dots and summarize each into a concise and powerful insight. 

Animated GIF of using LeadIQ Scribe AI to generate a personalized cold email from company financial summaries, 10-Ks, and earnings calls
Use our ScribeAI to generate personalized cold emails from company financials or your prospects LinkedIn summary.

Subject lines redesign (web only)

We’ve moved the subject lines for web users to make them easier to see and use.

🔔 Track

Contact Tracking

We’ve launched early access to our newest functionality: Contact Tracking. This add-on offering enables customers to get notified when a champion or buyer changes jobs, either by uploading a list via the web or using the Salesforce automation workflow. 

Creating watchlist for team

Admins can now create watchlists for their team. This helps teams get up and running faster, since most SDRs, AEs, and CSMs don’t have the ability to download an account list from Salesforce. 

Animated GIF of using LeadIQ to upload a watch list for account tracking
Track contacts and accounts by uploading a watchlist for yourself or your team.

Configuration page

We’ve introduced a configuration page, where users can choose what integrations to sync contacts to and what email quality should be synced. These are the same settings found in the extension and will sync between both pages. 


We’ve continued to optmize the experience for Salesforce admins using Refresh, by improving our notification system. For example, if you’re logged out of LeadIQ Refresh for any reason, we will notify you to avoid errors on your enrichment runs. 

Free plan improvements

Not sure you want to buy LeadIQ just yet? This past quarter we made changes to our free tier plan, allowing users to try  the entire LeadIQ platform free. Now you can check out our newest capabilities without buying. 

We also have made our free tier plan even better, giving users 5 premium credits each week that can be used to unlock phone numbers for prospects. 

We’ve also opened up our free plan to users prospecting in EMEA, where data was previously suppressed.

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