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September 24, 2021

New data privacy and territory management features from LeadIQ

Overcome data privacy and territory management challenges with the latest features from LeadIQ.
Mitch Comstock
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Your reps want data. And they want it now! With increased pressure to hit quota and spotlights on sales activity metrics, reps frankly don’t have the time or patience to scrutinize every contact they pull from their data provider. If they can capture it, then it must be good—right?

The answer is maybe, but not necessarily. Data providers provide global settings on the backend to maintain compliance and audit data, but they don’t offer tools that can capture the nuance of what most sales ops and sales managers have to deal with.

Only you know the ins and outs of how reps should be prospecting, so shouldn’t you also be the one to help guide that process? Well now with LeadIQ, you can! This blog post will cover the ins and outs of LeadIQ’s new Data Privacy and Territory Management features.

The problem with a data free-for-all

Let’s face it: sales reps have a lot to do in order to build their pipeline.

While data providers have gotten better at streamlining data capture, with some even providing one-click capture, this efficiency can open up another set of challenges. Data providers are typically aligned with major data privacy laws like GDPR or CCPA, but they don’t offer controls you can set to your own customized guardrails.  Without this level of control, you can run into issues like these.


‍With every country having its own data privacy requirements, what may be allowed in one country may not be in another. Historically, organizations have to trust that their data providers meet each country's requirements, without the ability to set their own guidelines.  

Internal processes and best practices

‍Even outside of compliance requirements, your organization may have specific best practices and processes that require specific settings for regions or countries.  

Prospecting overlap

‍Sales teams are always on the hunt for that next big account. But if your lists aren’t built exactly right in your data provider or SalesNavigator, reps may spend time on contacts not within their assigned territory, leading to wasted time and disjointed outreach.‍

Wasted credits

‍With simple and quick data capture, it can be easy to spend credits on contacts or data types that reps shouldn’t be using.

New data privacy tools from LeadIQ: Data privacy and territory management controls

Say goodbye to these challenges with LeadIQ’s latest feature releases. Now customers can customize their settings to ensure compliance, align LeadIQ with internal sales teams, and meet internal sales outreach guidelines.

LeadIQ’s Data Privacy provides tools to ensure reps are meeting compliance standards in the countries they are prospecting. Now LeadIQ admins can toggle data types by country, subscribe to a country’s Do-Not-Call list, and add their own suppression lists.

Screenshot of LeadIQ Data Privacy Governance settings
Screenshot of LeadIQ Data Privacy Governance "Do Not Call List" settings

When a contact’s data has been suppressed, reps will be unable to view or capture that information. No longer do you have to rely on your data provider to maintain compliance. These granular data privacy controls give you the ability to meet internal guidelines and data privacy laws today, with the flexibility to adapt to future needs.

The second new feature from LeadIQ is Territory Management. Now, admins can align their LeadIQ prospecting with internal sales teams breakouts.

Screenshot of LeadIQ Team Management and Group Settings
Screenshot of LeadIQ team Territory Management settings

For organizations with large sales teams, this new feature helps avoid overlap between reps, and keeps reps focused on capturing data within their assigned territories.

If data shouldn’t be captured, it shouldn’t be accessible. LeadIQ is giving you the tools you need to make your reps more efficient and more effective sellers. Not a LeadIQ customer but want to learn more? Contact us at