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January 20, 2022

Say hello to LeadIQ Refresh, our new Salesforce data enrichment capability

Like B2B contact databases, Salesforce data becomes obsolete just as fast. We are excited to introduce LeadIQ Refresh, an automated solution that enriches Salesforce data.
Mitch Comstock
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Data is the lifeblood of any B2B company. No matter the business, the ones who rise to the top often make the best use of their data.

Here at LeadIQ, we’ve seen first-hand the evolution of data. In the past, companies relied on their contact data providers to just have the data in their database. But that data becomes outdated fast, especially today when people are switching jobs at a record pace. Now, best-in-class sales organizations are starting their prospecting in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, with a chrome extension tool to verify contact data in real-time.

Like B2B contact databases, Salesforce data becomes obsolete just as fast. Records can become stale and unusable over time without constant cleanup and attention.

This bad data has a significant impact on the effectiveness of sales and marketing teams who rely on Salesforce data as their source of truth. CRM data management is a part of any Revenue or Sales operations team’s priorities, but without an automated solution in place requires hours of manual cleanup and data entry that they don’t have time for.

Keep your data clean and accurate with Salesforce data enrichment

Say goodbye to incomplete and outdated Salesforce data. LeadIQ Refresh helps keep your Salesforce data fresh and actionable over time.

With LeadIQ Refresh, you get an automated solution that:

  • Eliminates manual data cleanup so Rev Ops can focus on other high-priority projects
  • Fills in data gaps and enhances your lead, contact, or account records
  • Enables sales and marketing to better prioritize and target
  • Builds trust in your Salesforce data’s accuracy
Product mockup of LeadIQ refresh settings showing instant Salesforce enrichment

LeadIQ Refresh offers a simple yet powerful enrichment solution. Customers can decide if they want to enrich when records are created, updated, or both, while choosing which fields to map each data type to. Admins can then build enrichment schedules, determining when to run jobs to keep older Salesforce records fresh.

LeadIQ efficiency for Revenue Ops teams

Our enrichment capability pairs perfectly with LeadIQ's chrome extension for capturing contact data, helping customers consolidate their prospecting tool with their enrichment solution for a better price point. SDRs and AEs use LeadIQ daily to capture new prospects in their target account lists. Now, Revenue Ops teams can ensure that those records stay accurate for the next sales or marketing rep that needs them without doing the manual data entry themselves.

Product mockup showing LeadIQ Refresh schedule enrichment settings

Looking for your first Salesforce enrichment tool or an alternative to your current one? Learn more about LeadIQ Refresh by visiting our page on the Salesforce App Exchange or contact us.