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June 29, 2023

Top 5 sales solutions for tracking contacts and job changes

As you begin searching for a contact tracking solution, you’ll quickly find there’s no shortage of sales tools to consider. Here’s a breakdown of the top contact tracking tools and why we think LeadIQ is the best.
Mitch Comstock
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From helping sales teams find warm pipeline and increasing overall sales effectiveness to nurturing existing relationships and strengthening customer success, there’s a lot to like about contact tracking.

In case you’re unfamiliar, contact tracking is the process of monitoring buyer job changes to receive automatic notifications when key contacts — decision makers, power users, and people at important accounts — switch jobs. 

Simply put, sales leaders, sales teams, marketers, and customer success managers are most effective when they work at companies that understand the importance of contact tracking and invest in purpose-built platforms that offer contact tracking tools.

As you begin searching for a contact tracking solution, you’ll quickly find out there’s no shortage of sales tools to consider. To make sure you pick the best solution for your organization’s unique needs, it’s important to do your due diligence and examine several leading platforms.

Keep reading to learn more about five of the top tools that track buyer job changes — and what makes LeadIQ stand out from the pack.

1. UserGems

UserGems is job change solution that monitors buyer job changes and alerts users when decision-makers and key contacts switch jobs. You can track both accounts or contacts, and they also offer a meeting assistant feature to capture contacts from calendars to Salesforce. 

UserGems offers strong workflow capabilities for job changes, many of which come out of the box. But job changes is the only thing it does, and since you can’t rely on job changes to build your entire pipeline, you’ll have to stack it’s cost ontop of what you pay for your B2B contact database, enrichment tool, and other sales team needs. 

2. Champify

If you’re looking to automate job change notifications for sales teams, Champify is another option to explore. Champify works very similar to UserGems, helping organizations  monitor key contacts, detect job changes, and update Salesforce automatically. 

But like UserGems, that’s more or less where the platform ends. Your outbound teams will need to add additional tools, like a B2B database, AI-powered email writer, and CRM enrichment on top of the cost of Champify. 

3. ZoomInfo

Originally a search engine for business and contact information, ZoomInfo has diversified its offerings in recent years and now caters to a number of personas beyond sales, including marketing, operations, and recruitment. While other contact tracking solutions have one focus — helping sellers build pipeline — ZoomInfo has its proverbial toes in many different waters.

While ZoomInfo has the largest B2B contact database in market, that doesn’t mean the data is always accurate and current. In addition, their contact tracking solution is limited as it doesn’t offer the same level of team support and workflow automation of other solutions. If productivity and efficiency is the name of the game, there are more attractive options for contact tracking.

4. Apollo

Apollo is an all-in-one sales solution built for smaller SMB teams. They offer everything from B2B contact data, to a dialer, to sequences, making their platform highly robust but also very complex.  

While Apollo doesn’t offer a dedicted contact tracking solution, they do have job change notifications. This notifies an individual user if someone they had previously captured changes jobs. While this system can be helpful, it is limited by only working on contacts that are captured. 

5. LeadIQ

LeadIQ is an enterprise-grade sales prospecting platform built to help high-performing SaaS sales teams book more meetings, close deals faster, and build better pipeline. 

As a full-featured prospecting suite, LeadIQ is a cost-effective solution that gives sales teams everything they need to get better outcomes through a single pane of glass. Rather than tracking job changes in a standalone tool and having to piece several point solutions together — paying for several distinct services and dealing with the resulting inefficiencies — LeadIQ covers all the bases at one price point. On top of contact tracking and automated CRM enrichment capabilities, the platform also includes powerful AI-email generation capabilities that make it easier than ever for reps to personalize outreach.

LeadIQ’s contact tracking capability enables companies like yours to leverage past relationships to build warmer pipeline today.. By pairing this with a smarter contact data — and integrating with your entire sales tech stack — LeadIQ gives sales reps the complete picture, enabling them to focus on prospecting from start to finish. This, in turn, ensures they engage the right person at the right time with the right message.

And the best part? According to G2, organizations that invest in LeadIQ generate ROI within 6 months. That’s compared to other tools that companies need to use for 10 months, 14 months, or even longer to see ROI — and that’s assuming ROI can even be measured in the first place.

To learn more about why LeadIQ is the ideal contact tracking solution — and to see how it can transform your sales prospecting efforts — request a demo today.