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May 19, 2022

5 steps to writing personalized cold emails in under 5-minutes

Writing personalized cold emails is time consuming. Follow these tips to write better emails, with higher reply rates, in less time.
Jon Mazza
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Better cold email reply rates in less time

The number one reason most sales reps shy away from writing personalized emails is that it takes too much time. But what if you could send 30 or more emails a day, have a positive response rate above 10%, and leave plenty of time to hit your other KPIs? The team at LeadIQ has been able to hit these numbers or better consistently, even with the average email reply rates steadily dropping to below 1%. Let's take a look at how we do this in 5 easy steps. P.S. If you wanna make prospecting even easier, LeadIQ is free for as long as you'd like!

1 - Segment your prospecting lists

You can segment lists by things like role, industry, specific triggers, personal commonalities, and any other areas that might be relevant to your ICP. Sales Navigator will make most of these a lot easier to find in a quick search. Using LeadIQ will make it simple to segment your prospects without leaving your LinkedIn tab. For information that's more personal, I'd suggest making notes about things that you find interesting. Being authentic is critical. Don't talk about baseball just because the prospect likes it if you're not a fan. Make sure your research takes you no longer than 2-minutes.

2 - Have multiple value props ready to go

Keep different value props ready to go in separate templates. Using a tool like SalesLoft or Outreach will keep things nice and organized for you.

3 - Personalize! Personalize! Personalize!

Did we mention you should personalize? The email will not "find your prospects well" if you start with fluff. Bonus Tip: Subject lines should point to what you're personalizing in the email! "More efficient workflow" is not something that's ever going to get opened.

4 - Use transitions

Transition your personalization to your value prop. This can get tricky, but you'll eventually find it a lot easier to tie your personalization into your value prop with repetition. Like, what does a prospect's favorite pizza place have to do with LeadIQ anyway? Well... it helps sales reps cut through the crust of prospecting so you can get straight to the meat of engagement. Kinda cheesy, I know, but it works!

5 - Avoid asking for their time

Whatever you do, don't finish your email asking for 15-minutes! Instead, ask if your message sounds interesting or relevant to them, proofread, then click send. Here's an example of a first cold email template:

Screenshot of a LeadIQ email template for personalized emails with content outlined in caption
LeadIQ personalized email template leverages 4 paragraphs: Paragraph 1: Personalized Intro, Paragraph 2: Clever Transition to Sales or Company (examples include IPO, LinkedIn post excerpt, growth %, & product release), Paragraph 3: Contact Data - Value Prop, Paragraph 4: Clear CTA