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January 23, 2024

Optimize prospecting performance with LeadIQ’s new dashboards

LeadIQ's new advanced Dashboard offers sales managers a clear, easy way to see team performance and make data-driven decisions.
Dani Kellogg
Head of Product Marketing
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Today, we’re super excited to announce our updated Identify Dashboard. Sales managers and admins now have the ability to easily see how individual reps and teams are using LeadIQ — and the results they’re getting from the platform.

Until now, the dashboard surfaced how many leads each rep captured and how often members of the team used Scribe, our generative AI writing tool. 

However, you let us know — we want more usage data! — so our product team got to work and built more team management functionality directly inside LeadIQ. 

What’s inside the new Identify Dashboard?

The updated Identify Dashboard is available inside our web app to admins and managers on enterprise plans and enables customers to:

  • View charts and reports across several metrics, including leads captured, lead syncs, top users, credits used, active users, and session time. Leads are broken down into verified leads, best guess leads, not verified leads, verified by user, bounced leads, and edited leads. Similarly, lead syncs are grouped by platform (e.g., Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, and Salesloft).
  • Filter data by time period, country, region, group, and individual user. You’ll have the ability to view data on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly level; by default, you’ll see the last 30 days of activity when you access the dashboard. You can slice and dice the data however you want, examining the performance of each individual sales rep or grouping folks together by job function (e.g., account executives, customer success managers, and sales development reps) by region (e.g., North America and EMEA), or by country.
  • Understand team performance on a deeper level. Users with manager privileges will only be able to see stats that are relevant to their groups. For example, an SDR manager will only see SDR stats by default. Admins, however, can see every group’s stats.

Want to download the data? No problem. You can download each widget as an image or CSV file. Just click the three dots on the top right of each widget to view options and choose how to export your data.

Accessible insights for building impactful teams

Why should you be as excited as we are about the updated Identify Dashboard? Let’s take a look.

1. Your data is more accessible

The best sales teams are data-driven. Our new dashboard makes LeadIQ usage data more accessible than ever before. It also makes data more flexible by empowering managers to analyze it across several different categories and timelines at their convenience. With the ability to export the data as an image or CSV file as needed, it’s that much easier for sales leaders to use data to continuously improve sales outcomes.

2. You can coach your team more effectively

With the new update, LeadIQ is no longer just for individual prospecting. Sales leaders can use the dashboard to manage, monitor, and coach teams — understanding what’s working, what isn’t, and what could be improved upon. The dashboard gives managers an easy way to collect the data they need to help reps and teams work more effectively every day.

3. You can see your impact

In today’s cost-conscious business environment, organizations need to make sure their sales teams are making steady progress. Our new dashboard makes it incredibly easy to show the real-world impact of LeadIQ on your team’s pipeline-building capabilities. Our new dashboard makes it super simple to quantify your team’s impact and show off your wins internally.

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