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March 21, 2023

The 5 P’s of sales: What they are and how LeadIQ supports them

What does B2B sales success look like in the future? According to Forrester, the future of sales is purpose-driven, precise, personalized, productive, and profitable. Let's take a deeper dive...
Elisia Guerena
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In a recent webinar, LeadIQ met with Forrester to talk about 2023’s top sales trends, and how sales teams can leverage them to reach their goals. We’re digging deeper into that discussion with this Forrester report: “Welcome To The Future: Have You Heard About The Five P’s Of Sales?”

The report explains how AI technology can help sales teams convert digital interactions into insights to provide hyper-customized buying experiences. Forrester outlines the 5 “Ps” impacting the future of sales and its process. Let’s dive into each “P” — and take a look at how the LeadIQ platform supports it.

#1: Purpose-driven solutions

Anyone can offer a product and showcase its specs. But the most skillful sellers illuminate the true value of their solution by helping buyers make the connection to their own company’s bigger mission. 

When you take the time to align a message this way, it taps into both the how and the why of your buyer’s business. In doing so, you become a trusted guide offering purpose-driven solutions. This increases your odds of standing out from the noise and winning a deal.

Think of it this way. Yes, corporations want to make money. But that dollar sign is tied to their value, which stems from their desire to solve a problem worth solving. So, sellers: To create purpose-driven reasons to reach out, focus your value propositions on the problems you solve and the difference you can help customers make.

LeadIQ helps with purpose-driven outreach by surfacing insights you can use to tailor your message. Monitor key accounts or contacts for changes — promotions, people joining, people leaving — that give you a timely reason to reach out. Pair that with insights surfaced through our AI email writer Scribe to tailor your message in a matter of seconds.

Pro tip: For mission-driven companies with vocal leadership, some of our favorite insights from Scribe include social posts and podcast speaking engagements. The financial insights are also helpful. Scribe can save you hours of going through 10-K reports and earnings calls, while using them to craft super relevant messages.

You can use insights and research about your prospect to add purpose to personalized outreach. Scribe can pull insights in seconds including Speaking engagements, social activity, company news, product launches, job postings, career milestones, mutual connections, shared interests, fun facts

#2: Precision in outbound motion

Precision in your outbound motion counts more than ever. Here’s why. Technology-driven insights allow sellers to target the right person, at the right time, with the right message. You can home in on a prospect’s personal interests, determine career objectives, and craft a timely, personalized outreach based on this information. And sellers who don’t do this are losing their competitive edge and wasting precious time on non-qualified buyers. 

Let’s break down how precision helps sellers. 

First, it allows you to find your ideal customer profile (ICP), which is key to strategic outreach. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an integral tool in this process. Apply search filters to find prospects that match your ICP, providing more precise targets. 

Secondly, saving those results to your CRM allows sellers to see how leads and contacts engage through the buying process, enabling them to set more precise goals.

LeadIQ’s platform makes a precision-based strategy easy. Track triggers that let you know the best moments to reach out to prospects, such as when someone gets promoted or leaves the company. LeadIQ also uses a targeted approach to building its database. Users can access accurate information for better outreach.

(Knowing the fundamentals of relationship-based selling also aids precision. Learn more about it here.)

#3: Personalization 

Inboxes are noisier than ever. Personalization empowers sales teams to break through the noise and reach prospects with a highly relevant message. With the help of technology, sales is entering a new era of hyper-personalization. Sellers co-create solutions through a consultative process informed by knowledge of the buyer and actions they’ve taken that show engagement and intent. Messages that use these insights will resonate at a personal, company, and industry-wide level.

LeadIQ’s generative AI, Scribe, assists with this mission by doing the arduous, time-consuming jobs of research and first drafts. With Scribe, you can craft hyper-personalized messages in seconds. Each message connects an approved value proposition and one piece of information uniquely relevant to the prospect. This means Scribe enables personalization at scale — and every outbound message you send to a prospect should be tailored just for them.

#4: Productivity

It’s not a hard-and-fast rule, but one that proves itself true time and time again: Sellers that do more, sell more. Increasing productivity is at the heart of essentially every well-considered tech stack and sales strategy. This holds especially true in times of economic downturn. Sales teams that maintain  — or even boost  — productivity levels are more likely to survive and thrive.

LeadIQ’s entire platform is geared toward increasing productivity. It enables seamless connectivity between other tools in a tech stack to eliminate redundant actions. It also automates core functions to streamline workflows toward higher efficiency. One customer found that LeadIQ decreased a core process from 20 minutes to just five — saving five hours per SDR each week.

#5: Profitable

When tech eases the burden placed on humans to perform tasks, they can spend more time doing meaningful work. This drives productivity–which increases profits. 

Companies that want to improve their bottom line can begin by consolidating their tech stack. Gartner found that 80% of CSOs consider an effective tech stack critical to making revenue. Selecting the right tools, customizing them, and using them correctly leads to better outcomes.

LeadIQ’s robust platform can help sales companies streamline their tech stack by:

  • Identifying contact data, allowing users to nix ZoomInfo and other data providers.
  • Tracking sales triggers, replacing UserGems or similar solutions.
  • Generating personalized messages, eliminating ChatGPT and other writing assistants.
  • Refreshing Salesforce data, taking over for ZoomInfo or Clearbit. is a great example of how LeadIQ increases profit. They increased outbound pipeline generation from 5 to 70 percent, increasing the average deal size by 40 percent.

The future of sales relies on offering purpose-driven solutions, creating precision in outbound motion, personalizing at scale, finding ways to increase productivity, and generating more profit. 

To learn more, watch the full webinar.

Watch our webinar on demand: ChatGPT vs. Scribe a conversation on generative AI for sales