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LeadIQ’s 2023 product release roundup

We're taking a look back at our biggest releases of the year, as well as our favorite notable features that are helping our users reach their pipeline goals.
December 29, 2023
Last updated:
December 29, 2023
Anthony Mennie
Marketing Manager

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LeadIQ’s 2023 Product Release Roundup

As 2023 draws to a close, we wanted to look back on what was an incredible year for LeadIQ and our customers, as we continue to do everything we can to deliver the world’s most effective sales intelligence platform and help customers accelerate B2B prospecting workflows.

In this post, we consolidate news about our biggest releases of this year, as well as some other notable features we’re thrilled to have added to our prospecting platform in 2023.

LeadIQ’s top releases of 2023

While we’re proud of all the work we did all year long, there are five key accomplishments we feel deserve the biggest spotlight.

1. Expanded mobile data coverage

At LeadIQ, our north star is to build the world’s most accurate, reliable, and trustworthy B2B contact database. That’s why we couldn’t wait to announce that we expanded our mobile data coverage earlier this year, nearly doubling 25 million records to upwards of 49 million mobile phone numbers.

Very simply, our team’s top priority is building a smarter database to help sales teams build more pipeline. What makes our contact database different is that we are laser-focused on verifying that the data we offer is accurate and actionable. Thanks to this expanded mobile data coverage, sales teams can confidently connect with more people, have more conversations, and enjoy more success from their cold calling efforts.

2. Gong Engage integration

Gong Engage was built to streamline sales engagement and help teams win more business by leveraging AI to offer sales guidance to help reps create and accelerate pipeline throughout the buying cycle.

LeadIQ already boasted an integration with Gong; when Engage was released in June, we were eager to integrate with it as well, delivering more value to our customers that also use Gong. 

Thanks to this new integration, LeadIQ and Engage users can find, capture, and sync contact data directly to their Gong flows in a single click. Instead of spending countless hours doing duplicative data entry tasks, sellers can focus more on what they do best: closing deals.

Syncing LeadIQ contact data with Gong Engage

3. Contact tracking

In today’s challenging business environment, more and more sales times are struggling to hit quota. While LeadIQ has always supported an outbound team’s cold outreach initiatives, we added a new capability, Contact Tracking, to our platform in June to help our users build warm pipeline.

At a high level, contact tracking enables users to keep tabs on product champions, buyers, and power users as they change jobs. That way, once a prospect winds up in a new decision-making role or starts working for a target account, the sales team can begin engaging them based on the likelihood they’ll be looking for new tools in their position.

Contact Tracking from LeadIQ can be accomplished through our Web App, or if you're a Salesforce user, by utilizing our app in the Salesforce Appexchange.

4. LeadIQ Essential plan

Here at LeadIQ, we’re always keen to pass along savings to customers however we can. And that’s exactly why we released a new Essential pricing plan earlier this year. 

Starting at $39/month/user, this plan — which includes 500 standard credits for email unlocks, 30 premium credits for mobile unlocks, the ability to track up to 50 accounts, and 100 AI-generated emails per user per month — is ideal for small sales teams just starting out that are looking to find prospect data.

Haven’t experienced the power of LeadIQ yet? No problem. 

We also upgraded our Freemium tier, which now gives users 20 email credits and 10 mobile credits each month, along with the ability to track sales triggers for up to 10 accounts and create 40 messages using our generative AI writing tool, Scribe.

5. Salesloft Rhythm integration

Last month, we unveiled our new integration with Salesloft Rhythm, which enables sales teams to track job change signals with AI. 

This integration enables users to capture and sync contact data and add leads and contacts into Salesloft with minimal effort, accelerating prospecting workflows and making it easier for sales reps to send messages that truly resonate at the most opportune times.

Leveraging LeadIQ's Salesloft Rhythm Integration, sales teams can push job change signals from LeadIQ Track directly to your Rhythm Live Feed.

Other noteworthy news in the LeadIQ world

In addition to these accomplishments, we also covered a ton more ground in 2023, releasing:

  • A new “Unlock All” button lets users bulk unlock email and mobile numbers instead of having to unlock one at a time.
  • Enhanced sync status icons and notifications to make it easier to see why a contact wasn’t synced to a CRM or sequence.
  • Two new Scribe insights, Financial and LinkedIn summaries, which help you pull information from 10-Ks and earnings calls or LinkedIn bios and work summaries to supercharge email personalization.
  • Scribe Anywhere, a new feature that enables you to use our generative AI writing tool along with other platforms in your prospecting workflows, like LinkedIn, HubSpot, Outlook, Groove, Salesforce, Gong, ZoomInfo, and more.
  • HubSpot One-Click Update, which helps you capture new prospects and update existing matching records automatically using the LinkedIn Identify extension.
  • LeadIQ Academy, our online education offering that teaches you how to make the most of LeadIQ while enabling you to learn at your own pace.

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