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G2 Spring 2024 badges highlight LeadIQ’s commitment to providing a world-class prospecting experience for sales teams

G2 Spring 2024 badges and reports are out, and thanks to our awesome customers, LeadIQ earned several accolades. Read about these awards — including how we’ve been ranked in the top three for implementation for nearly five years.
April 1, 2024
Last updated:
April 1, 2024
Anthony Mennie
Marketing Manager

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We can’t thank our users and customers enough for their incredible support in helping LeadIQ earn a ton of accolades from G2 in the company’s recently unveiled Spring 2024 reports and badges!

More specifically, our customers helped us earn 44 badges and got us featured in 127 reports, earning the top spot in nine of them. Most impressively, users ranked LeadIQ #1 in eight implementation indexes — a testament to our commitment to helping B2B sales teams work more efficiently and effectively from the outset.

At LeadIQ, we’re committed to building a world-class prospecting platform and are continually adding new features designed to help teams like yours get more done every day.

In recent months, we’ve shipped tons of updates to our platform, including expanded mobile data coverage, a Gong Engage integration, contact tracking capabilities, and a Salesloft Rhythm integration

At the same time, we’ve added new widgets to Identify Dashboards, enhanced the UI for the LeadIQ browser extension, and implemented job change validation improvements

On top of that, we’ve added a slew of features designed to make prospecting workflows even more efficient.

And we’re nowhere near done yet!

G2 awards prove we’re committed to helping you build pipeline!

Achieving top-dog status across so many different implementation indexes proves that we have always been laser-focused on smooth implementation, helping you get the results you need to build pipeline through efficient prospecting from the get-go.

In fact, LeadIQ has ranked in the top three in implementation for 19 consecutive quarters — nearly five straight years!

Additionally, we’ve earned top-three status in sales intelligence results for the last four quarters, and we expect both of these trends to continue as we move further into the future.

Need help getting more out of our sales intelligence platform?

There’s no better way to say it: Our team is committed to your team’s success from Day 1!

To ensure you get results out of the gate, our Professional Services team is standing by to set you up for prospecting success. Our Professional Services team is the start of a strategic partnership that exists to accelerate time to value, maximize product adoption across your entire sales org, drive pipeline generation, and transform your team into prospecting superstars. 🤩

Our team works with you side by side to help you streamline your processes, bake more efficiency into your prospecting flows, and ultimately achieve better business outcomes. 

As part of our commitment to customers, we’ve carefully designed a set of services that are crafted to enhance your overall experience, helping you overcome the challenges inherent in striking the balance between prospecting success and efficiency. 

Would you like to learn more about how Professional Services can optimize LeadIQ implementation and deployment? Contact sales today.

What is the LeadIQ implementation process like?

Why do we continue earning high marks for our ease of implementation? 

In addition to designing a feature-rich, plug-and-play product that’s easy to use, we’ve also designed a robust implementation process and stay with you every step of the way.

Thinking about deploying LeadIQ across your organization? Here’s what you can expect:

  • Discover. The beginning of the process kicks off with introductions; our team meets yours. Together, we confirm expected outcomes and the project plan. We also review your proof of concept setup and CRM settings to make sure everything’s in the right place.

  • Configure. Next, we begin completing the platform setup, including integrations, governance, and team management. We also talk about the value proposition of our award-winning AI writing assistant, Scribe, which can help you personalize messages in just a few clicks. Additionally, we test your instance’s setup internally to confirm everything’s exactly as it should be.

  • Learn & Deploy. After that, we hold a go-live strategy review session. We examine user configurations to make sure they’re correct, determine the go-live data, and conduct live user training sessions for admins, managers, and end users.
  • Adopt & Monitor. Now, it’s time to begin the adoption process and validate the data. We then confirm usage is tracking to outcome realization and identify blockers, areas for improvement, and whether any additional training is required. At this stage, we also relay some business improvement recommendations, analyzing data output and suggesting strategies to improve business outcomes and help you achieve your goals.
  • Iterate & Adjust. Here, we adjust settings as needed — whether in your CRM, sales engagement tools, or LeadIQ — to make sure they’re fine-tuned. We also retrain any users who might need a little extra helping hand
  • Operate & Optimize. Finally, our Professional Services team transitions your account to a dedicated customer success manager, confirming that platform usage aligns to the outcomes you’re looking for. As time goes on, we conduct ongoing reviews of usage to confirm that it aligns with business outcomes and goals.

This whole process keeps us focused on our north star: helping your sales team crush your numbers time and time again.

Some specific G2 badges we want to highlight

To be sure, we’re proud of all of our 44 badges. But we want to highlight these three in particular:

  • #1 Mid-Market Results for Sales Intelligence, which proves our product helps mid-market enterprises achieve results
  • #1 Mid-Market Implementation Index for Lead Intelligence, Lead Capture & Sales Intelligence, which highlights the fact we help clients get up and running and set up for success out of the gate
  • #1 Mid-Market Implementation AI Writing Assistants, which demonstrates how sales teams can start using Scribe productively from day one

Huge thanks to our Product, Professional Services & Implementation teams!

At the end of the day, these awards wouldn’t be possible without the hard work from our Product, Professional Services, Customer Service, and Implementation teams. 

Many thanks to our talented staff for their hard work and dedication day in and day out. You all rock!

Looking ahead, we’re eager to continue pushing out new features that make our customers’ lives easier and look forward to helping you accelerate pipeline in 2024 and beyond.

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