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“Cold calling, here is the best tool!”

LeadIQ is one of the best tools in the market and you can start your day for cold calling in a few minutes, the way it unlocks mobile and switchboard numbers is unparalleled compared to the tools available in the market.

Shiva Krishna K.

“Excellent tool for B2B prospecting”

LeadIQ is super easy to use and intuitive -- there aren't any complicated queries or functions to learn, which is really beneficial when you are building lists and you have 1000 other web tabs open!

Kay M.

“Amazing prospecting tool!”

It helps automate prospecting so efficiently. LinkedIn is when of my most used resources when it comes to prospecting, so it helps ensure that I am super organized and moving contacts into salesforce at the very beginning of the sales process.

Sarah K.

“No second guessing prospect email addresses”

The default list building process is very efficient and makes is easy to search for your past prospects in case you didn't take note of their email then and there.

Ankurman S.

"LeadIQ is an SDR/AE’s best friend.”

The thing I love most about LeadIQ is the intuitiveness of the tool. It is so easy to use and benefit from. I work with a VA and it's a huge benefit for her to be able to learn how to use the tool so easily.

Adam A.

“Priceless sales research tool!”

This tool is the most simple and efficient way for me as a BDR to collect the information that I need for prospects in a couple clicks. One of the best features in my view, is that it integrates with all of our major tools.

Laura B.